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Dr. Mrs. Piu Kalra is a Female Acupressurist practising in Delhi NCR, has an experience of 16 years in this field.
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19 Jul 2015

How Acupressure Works

how acupressure works

Acupressure experts use their fingertips, hand, elbows or feet, or special devices to apply pressure to acu-points on the body’s meridians. Acupressure points are places on the skin that are especially sensitive to bio-electrical impulses in the body and conduct those impulses readily. When pressure is put on these points then endorphins are released which reduce the pain and increases the flow of blood and oxygen.
During an acupressure session the practitioner gently presses on acupressure points on your body. A session typically lasts about one hour. You may need several sessions for the best results.

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In acupressure it is believed that there are twelve channels in our body, all related to each organ of the body. These channels finally join to the nervous system. When there is any kind of blockage in any part of the body, force is exerted via acupressure to remove that hindrance and to ensure proper flow of blood, oxygen and positive energy. Acupressure can be used simultaneously with your other medical treatment. The two frames of reference for a pressure point in acupressure are the focal point and the trigger point. Focal point is used when pressure is exerted on a particular point and trigger point is used to put pressure on a nearby point.
There are vast advantages to using acupressure as a way to balance the body and maintain good health.  The touch healing therapy of acupressure reduces tension, increases flow and enables the body to relax deeply.  Acupressure strengthens resistance to disease and promotes wellness by stimulating immune function.
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